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Tako (octopus) poke with tomatoes, green onion, maui onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, Hawaiian sea salt, and Hawaiian chili peppe - wikipedia.org

In Hawaiian cuisine, Poke is a very popular salad of raw fish and is often served like an appetizer. Poke is a Hawaiian word which means “to cut or slice” or “section”. Present day poke mainly features cubed or yellowfin tuna; sashimi brined with sea salt, inamona, small quantity of soya sauce, chili pepper which is chopped, limu seaweed and sesame oil. Other ingredients that can be added includes octopus, other varieties of raw tuna fish, sashimi and other kinds of raw salmon, diced or sliced Maui onion, hot sauce, furikake, chopped tomato, tobiko, garlic and other kinds of seaweed.

The choice of condiments has highly been influenced by Asian and Japanese cuisines. Natives of Hawaii have always consumed poke. The Hawaiian poke traditionally consisted of fish which has been skinned, deboned and gutted. It is cut across its backbone and then offered along with the traditional condiments like limu, seaweed and sea salt. Some Hawaiians would even eat flesh of the bones and threw the unconsumed bones and skin. In 19th century when foreign vegetables were introduced like onions and tomatoes they were also added in the dish, but now Maui onions are used in this dish. According to Rachel Laundan (food historian) the modern variant of poke became famous in the 1970s. It used deboned, filleted and skinned raw fish that was served along with soy sauce and wasabi. This variant of poke is very common in Hawaiian Islands till today.

There are various other kinds of raw fish food that can be found in Europe such as fish tartare and fish Carpaccio. So, poke need not be confused with other raw fish food such as Boquerones en, ika ota, ceviche and kinilaw that may use citrus juice or vinegar to tenderize and preserve the proteins of fish.

Tako poke can be prepared with octopus, sea salt, chili pepper, seasame oil, Maui onions, tomatoes, soy sauce and green onions. Ahi poke is prepared with yellow fin tuna, green onions, soy sauce, roasted kukui nuts, limukohu seaweed, chili peppers, green onions and green chilies. This dish is served on a red cabbage bed.